1. Star Gazing

Produced by Troy Foss & Doyle Turner

Cover Art - “In The Air” painted by Kent Estey kentestey.com esteypaintings.com

Drums - Bennet Aube
Bass - Ted Hajnasiewicz
Keyboards - Troy Foss / Justin Wade
Electric Guitar - Justin Wade
Vocals / Acoustic / Electric Guitars - Doyle Turner

Sound Engineering - Troy Foss
Recorded and mixed at Supple Studios, Bemidji, MN
Mastered by Troy Foss at Supple Studios, Bemidji, MN

“Stargazing” Written by Doyle Turner, @ Doyle Duane Turner BMI


Star Gazing

verse 1
night fell down
canyon walls
found our way in the dark
like the heat
we dissipate
our stars burning long ago

verse 2
I fell down
the rabbit hole
fast and fascinated by you
you pulled magic
from my hat
now I believe in destiny

draw these lines
star to star
drawing you to me
raise your eyes
to these skies
marked by you and me

in silence
sky blazing
you caught me star gazing
clear night
heart racing
you’ve got me star gazing

verse 3
I searched here
you looked there
found us sailing night to night
drawn to this
astral glow D
lights punched in a paper sky

pre - chorus

Oooooh how about this sky?
Oooooh how our stars have aligned
Chorus X 2