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Best if I Forget

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Produced by Ted Hajnasiewicz

Drums - Doug Quance
Bass & Electric Guitar - Ted Hajnasiewicz
Harmonies - Sarah Morris & Ted Hajnasiewicz
Keyboards - Steve Peffer
Vocals, Acoustic / Electric Guitars - Doyle Turner

Audio Engineer - Troy Foss
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Troy Foss at Supple Studios, Bemidji, MN
Sarah Morris' & Ted Hajnasiewicz's vocals were engineered and recorded by Eric Blomquist at River Rock Studios, Minneapolis, MN


Best If I Forget
send me bad news in writing
lick and seal a white envelope
I’ll hold you between my fingers
memorize these words of smoke

say your feelings to me forward
speak emotion in the light
thought the touch of a hand on my cheek
could sustain me for the rest of my life

flame refines, flame defines
this aching in my chest
leaving left to smolder
is the best that I can get

you’re a letter not delivered
you’re an air and fire duet
a melody that’s set to silence
burning notes I can’t forget


you burned me down on the day I met you
you burn me down again as you leave

send me bad news in writing
blur goodbye through an envelope
I’ll hold a flame to this corner
knowing it’s better not to know

Will You Remember Me?