"Sweet, Difficult Sounds" Album out 9.17.22!

"Cherry Tree" cover art by Tracy Burkholder

Single "Run A Little Faster" released 3.27.23!

Album "Clear & True" 2021!

Clear & True

Doyle Turner

Doyle's second solo album released July 23rd, 2021!

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Doyle learned to love music listening to his father play guitar and listening to AM radio and 8 track tapes.  He found a voice that’s gotten stronger through the years, as he’s realized he’s beholding to effort, listening close, and grace.  


The music that’s influenced his life has been varied, and continues to grow day by day, limited only by the quality of the songwriter.  He’s indebted to many of the greats: John Prine, Guy Clark, Lori McKenna, Tim O’Brien, Sarah Morris, and Steve Seskin, but has been deeply rooted in the sounds of Johnny Cash, Merle Hagard, and Kris Kristofferson for most of his life.   


Doyle's new album "Sweet, Difficult Sounds" was released September 17th, 2022.  His new single "Run A little Faster" is set to be released March 27th, 2023!